XD: More Power to the Pedal

XD is the patented driver body standard designed to work with the structurally optimized SRAM domed cassettes featuring a 10-tooth smallest cog.

The XDR standard is nearly identical to XD but 1.8mm wider. This allows XDR compatible hubs to match the geometries of 11-speed road driver bodies. When a driver body marked XDR is used with an XD cassette (e.g. XG-1180, XG-1150), a 1.8mm spacer must first be installed.

Get the technology

Be among the first to take advantage of SRAM’s patent-pending new XD technology. SRAM offers the use of the standard and XD trademark to companies that conform to the technical specification and agree to abide by the terms of our license agreement.

Complete License Agreement & Get XD Spec Sheet »


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A New Standard

SRAM’s XD and XDR driver body standards establish universal mounting systems for cassettes with cogs of fewer than 11 teeth. These standards make wide-range cassettes more readily available and beneficial to manufacturers and riders by greatly simplifying installation and reducing weight.